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Our Offering

The Life Project Education approach is vibrant, colourful, diverse and includes the below:

Mindful Heartfelt Workshops

Learning objectives include self-regulation, character education, breath work, verbal and non-verbal communication, compassion, virtues, and nurturing a child’s sense of self through heart connection, spirituality, creative expression, and general wellness. Mindful movement workshops are included throughout the year including martial arts, ecstatic dance, yoga, cooperative games, stretching, gymnastics, and callisthenic exercise.

Bilingual Education

Our bilingual curriculum and team nurture “simultaneous bilingualism” within our young local children, most of whom have been exposed to two or more languages since birth. Daily exposure and opportunities to use and learn both English and Spanish equally, encourages and honors our children’s natural language acquisition. Non-local, visiting children are immersed in a language rich environment, experiencing and acquiring both English and Spanish socially through play and adult modeling. Private Spanish instruction is also available.

Project Based Learning

Topics may be customized to children’s level, interests and strengths but generally incorporate: an authentic age-appropriate challenge or problem to be solved, partner or small group collaboration, student-centered inquiry and problem solving, and presentation of learning. Previous topics included: raising awareness about endangered wildlife in Costa Rica, designing a home-school garden & compost, and developing a student-led business creating organic home and body products, hosting a student-led art festival, and organizing a community sea turtle release event.

Global Village School Curriculum

Life Project Education proudly partners with WASC accredited Global Village School, a holistic education program in California. Families may elect to dually enroll in both Life Project Education’s program as well as the GVS program in order to receive a fully accredited verification of grade completion.

Individualised 'Life Projects'

Nurturing a child’s own natural talents and personal passions facilitate discovery of their intrinsic “calling”, an element that is tragically ignored and stifled in traditional settings. Personalized early education is a direct pathway to help children recognize and fulfill their full potential. “Life Projects” include fully customized, individualized learning goals based solely on the child’s joys and gifts. As mentors, we support children in identifying topics and skills to explore and nourish.

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