Theme:  Conscious Family Fundraiser

Duration: 4-weeks: Aug 3-28   

Event: August 28, Friday

August Community Challenge: Organize an educational, conscious feria event to raise money for a community cause during an intimate, family market, Friday, August 28.  This will give  students an opportunity to apply their ecological research, advocacy, and hands-on work,

in a deeper, purposeful way.


Children will join a variety of different classes to collaborate to decide:

  • what products will be sold (Trees, flowers, eggs, snacks, auction? ) 

  • the value of the products (Time, energy, emotion, future return)

  • how to market/advertise products to families (online store, website, bilingual commercials)

  • how to sustainably prepare and package products


August Tuition

(Special promotional rate for new families)

Come try us out for 4 weeks at our discounted local family rate.  

Should you choose to continue enrolment after that we will be happy to arrange with you a 2020 schedule that works for your family at an adjusted seasonal rate.

Early Years

Ages 5+

2.5 days on-site classes per week

1:1 Spanish online twice a week


Upper Years

Ages 9+

3.5 days on-site classes per week

No online classes


*Sibling discount of 5% applied to second child on

** Add $60 for matriculation and administration fee

***   Deduct 2% as discount for cash payments

****  Add 2% to final amount for tax

***** (Add 3.5% if payment is via Paypal)

Workshop Descriptions


Using kitchen math to explore volume in measurement for the Early Years. A continuation of geometry, volume, measurement, and engineering saleable planter boxes for the Upper Year, as well as accounting and money conversion. All students will additionally continue with fundamentals.

English PBL

Exploring the skill of creating persuasive content, persuasive marketing techniques, and project management.  Understanding and using meaningful narratives and creating truthful stories.

Eco-Literacy / Fieldwork

Understanding personal legacy and concepts of sustainability.  Preparing eggs and ‘legacy trees’ for the market. Memoir writing for Upper Years.


Script writing, role playing product commercials, creating video invitations to the feria that excite and entice!


Creating and supporting the arts, graphics and crafting elements of the market, eg painted signs, recycled T-shirt bags, creating logos or stamps, etc.


Developing the Wishing Well Garden Craft Shoppe, publishing our poetry into magical crafts!

Sample Weekly Schedule 

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 1.14.19 PM.png

Sample Day

Life Project Education is permitted by the Ministerio de Salud to have children on-site on the basis that we meet the health and safety requirements of a recreation / community centre.  Measures taken include but are not limited to:
  • Our 1.5 acre campus means we have ample outdoor space that is routinely cleaned by a dedicated maintenance team
  • Majority of seating and desks are located in covered outdoor spaces  
  • Indoor areas house no more than 4 children at any time with upgraded ventilation systems in all indoor instructional spaces
  • Children have masks with them at all times