Business Administrator

Bel has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. She has a BA in Law from Oxford University UK, an MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management from Baptist University HK and is an Integral Coach trained by New Ventures West. 


She previously worked as a Human Resources Director for a global environmental consulting company, where she led people-oriented initiatives across 12 Asian countries, both operationally and from a learning and development perspective.


Since joining Life Project Education (LPE) in 2018, her focus is now dedicated to helping integrate and support families/educators in the LPE philosophy to encourage positive long-term change.

Bel believes in simple and efficient approaches that support sustainable outcomes, equality for all, and the interconnection between the self, family, community, and our environment. 


Her hobbies include netball and trail running, along with writing poetry. Her passions are making her daughter laugh, pondering the meaning of life, and experiencing all of the colors this human experience has to offer.