Welcome Locals!

 Immerse your child in a long-term learning journey in the jungle!

Our Local and Long-Stay Offerings

For families who wish to more fully immerse in the community and can commit to a study period

of 8 weeks (long-stay) to 10 months (local*).

* Should you need to travel within the 10-month period a road-schooling curriculum can be arranged

so that children can continue learning while on the road!

Our Inspirations

~As parents and educators, we must first acknowledge that children

are organisms, not mechanisms~

True learning cannot be quantified, for the true nature of education implies a shift in consciousness, a deeper connection to self, other, and the universe.

~Alys Robinson~

Early Years

An alternative intermediate-learning approach for children ages 5-8

Unlike the traditional, widespread existing paradigm of pre-school and kindergarten programs which emphasize rapid skill acquisition, our program nurtures the organic unfolding of a child’s curiosity about the world.  

Life Project Education’s child-centered, early-learning program nurtures a lifelong joy of learning and natural skills progression through social play-based activities, dynamic learning centers, exploration of the natural world, and collaboration with multiage peers. Our small group dynamic of up to 8 children at any one time fosters strong connection, facilitates individualized support, and maintains an intimate learning environment.


An alternative intermediate-learning approach for children ages 9-12

Our alternative “middle years” program serves children ages 9-12, while our new Upper Years option is available for more independent children ages 13 and above.. Local families have an option to enroll Middle and Upper Years children in our accredited partnership program , Global Village School, requiring a minimum 10-month commitment.

With the guidance of our passionate mentor team, older children begin transforming joys into deeper passions and learn how to turn their passions into purposeful life work through our Life Project curriculum.


An alternative intermediate-learning approach for children ages 13-14

Similar to the middle years program, all upper year children have customized Learning Plans that are co-created by family, students, and mentors.

Our small group dynamic assures our older students receive individualized attention and support in all content areas. We welcome traveling students and our local full-time students are eager to host, teach, and learn from new friends around the world.

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Email: info@lifeprojecteducation.org


Casa de Papagayo

Ojochal, Costa Rica

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