A program for everyone 


We have a variety of programs to cater for the diverse needs of all families, from residents to families extending their stay in Costa Rica, to those who are passing through and simply enjoying the incredible country.  Our programs can meet your needs be they around travel to the wish to align with current homeschooling practices, as well as attending to the child's learning style and interest.


Annual Program

Local school program

10-month commitment

Can attend 1 to 5 days a week

Schedule secured for full school year

Days may be added or switched if space permits

Both LPE and Global Village School curriculum available


Seasonal Program

Long-stay program

8 weeks plus commitment

Can attend 1 to 5 days a week

Option to re-enrol and add or switch days space permitting

Life Project Education curriculum available

Children Cleaning Beach


Families travelling to Costa Rica

Stays for 1 day up to 8 weeks

Complete flexibility in daily or weekly schedule

Select from a wide variety of camps 

  10% sibling discount available across all 3 programs. 

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C) Media Release - sign request

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