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2019 Camps and Modules

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Macaw Madness Conservation Camp
Mar 25, 2019, 9:00 AM
Manuel Antonio Beach

World Learning: A New Paradigm of Conscious Education

Perspectives and values about education, employment, and quality of life are shifting worldwide and collectively, there is a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo.

As more and more families, educators, and entrepreneurs are following their hearts and connecting to their deeper humanity, there is a greater need for alternative, holistic systems that are aligned with this evolution.

Internationally, families are gaining courage to reject traditional and outdated educational models in exchange for travel, home schooling, road schooling, and unschooling. We support this transformation.

We support you.

Life Project Education offers international visiting families the opportunity to enroll in programs that truly represent their family’s values.

Our alternative “world-learning” program serves visiting children ages 4-12.

A small group dynamic assures our students receive individualized attention and support in all content areas. We welcome traveling students and our local full-time students are eager to host, teach, and learn from new friends around the world.

We work closely with visiting families to ensure seamless transition into our program, develop unique learning objectives for their time with us, provide evaluations and transcripts upon request, and can accommodate nearly any curriculum need.

Alternatively, apply to our Worldschooling program for any length of time!