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Middle School


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Our Middle School Offering

Life Project Education's Middle School is a co-creation among international education specialists, our families, and the students themselves.

With the guidance of diverse local, long-term and international seasonal specialist mentors, our maturing students are invited to assume greater responsibility, self-direction, and leadership.  Passion-driven research, hands-on community development, personal projects, internships, conscious business management, and an introduction to mindful educational technologies are new layers to their learning trajectories.   

Middle school students maintain a physical portfolio; an anthology of projects and learning reflections throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to explore Democratic Learning throughout the week, where they may choose a learning or exploration center such as animal care, field games, mindful movement, independent study (Learning Lab), art, and reading. 

Trimester 4 Workshops

More info on middle school workshops to come...

Our small group dynamic assures our middle school students to continue to receive individualized attention and support in all content areas. We welcome traveling students and our local full-time children are eager to host, teach, and learn from new friends around the world.

Trimester 3 Workshops

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 2_edited.jpg

In Odyssey of the Mind, students will work as a team to creatively and strategically problem-solve. Together, they will build things with simple materials, respond to prompts verbally or deliver short spontaneous theatrical skits to demonstrate their understanding of the skills being learned. This workshop series is designed to stimulate innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, to help students expand their ability to respond to challenges in a fun way.

Costa Rica Autentica

In this series of workshops, students will acquire Spanish language skills by learning about the beliefs, customs and traditions of Costa Rica’s indigenous peoples. Together, they will sit in ceremony with a modern-day grandmother of the Boruca to learn about Costa Rican mythologies, legends and other fascinating stories. They will also learn about traditional Costa Rican festivities, regional gastronomy, and create indigenous art and crafts. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 5.20_edited.jpg

Students will learn how to apply important indigenous teachings into their everyday lives. This special series of workshops will explore the many tenets behind indigenous philosophies around the globe and will help students utilize specific  techniques in their meditations and mindfulness practices. The nature of the mind will also be explored through journal reflections and persuasive writing. Other integrated subjects will include language arts, history, and multicultural studies.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 12_edited.jpg
Cultivating Culture

This series of workshops is inspired by the deep interconnection between earth care and self care. Through the workshop, students will explore and dive deep into the green spaces we call nature, surrounded by living organisms of all sizes, listening to the ancestral stories plants can tell us and carefully observing the footprints of local cultures. By tasting and planting with respect, students will grasp individual and collective understanding of empathy and harmony.

Cosmic Numerology - female cupped hands  with a group of random multicolored transparent n

Students will connect to the magic and mystery of mathematics while they gain fluency in the ‘Language of Creation’. The Math LAB is a multidimensional playground where they will develop a mathematics literacy by taking action that offers stimulating brain activity and aligned with individual learning goals. Students will have the opportunity to select passion projects to continue to grow their interest inside and outside the math classroom. This type of learning experience keeps math engaging and fun for all!


This anthropology series offers an immersion in the evolutionary process of humans and their adaptation to new geographical contexts. This series of workshops offers a fantastic time-traveling story that will help to understand the changes and modifications of human beings throughout history. In these workshops, students will explore the development of spirituality, communication, tools and artistry among humans through the evidence of arts and crafts, carving and rock painting. 


While last Trimester students raised their voices as advocates for marine ecosystems, this trimester we are shifting our activism to explore historic and modern human rights movements and heroes. Children will analyze and discuss multiple non-fiction texts, multimedia, speeches, and timelines while preparing to research and raise their voice about about a human rights movement or activist that inspires them. Research skills, media  literacy, non violent communication, and presentation skills are integrated throughout the 12-week course.


Each afternoon, children have several rotating activities they may choose from depending on their mood and interest. Our mentor and parent-led daily democratic learning workshop offer children choice,  independence,  spontaneity, and social connection.


Field Games

Acro Yoga

Puzzles & Games

Ultimate Frisbee


Farm and Animal Care


Martial Arts

Swim (pool re-opening January 2023)


Image by zoo_monkey

Continuing from Trimester 2's "Sustainable Architecture" workshop, students will now participate in a sustainable BUILDING project! Using the eco-bricks our community created, students will agree on a community building project using the eco-bricks as the primary 

construction material.

Students will additionally explore construction and woodwork projects using recycled materials to gain experience with basic construction skills. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 1_edited.jpg

This Plastic Arts workshop series will be focused on the study, analysis and reinterpretation of Costa Rican pre-Columbian art as well as other cultures corresponding to the genealogical base of the students, you will explore the cosmic vision of the tribes in Costa Rica and how they were inspired by nature to create, as well Like the symbology assigned to their mystical animals, we will study contemporary artists who have been influenced by this ancestral art to create current pieces with great historical and symbolic content.


Led by blackbelt master Sensei Sunshine, our Middle & Upper Years students are invited to join the Martial Arts Academy every Tuesday and Thursday where committed children progress through a formal training and progression of belts.

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 4.47.18 PM.png


Our oldest students are invited to participate in weekly entrepreneur workshops, preparing for our seasonal Vida Vendor family market. Students may choose to join a vendor team as an apprentice or may apply to be sole entrepreneurs where they are matched with a community member to mentor their business idea to fruition.

What's Included!

Here’s what’s included with our Middle School Years 10-months Local Enrollment offering:

  • Enrollment in all LPE workshops and seasonal workshops led by guest specialists

  • Access to our digital LPE Family Resource Center

  • All required project materials, texts, and basic workshop supplies 

  • Martial Arts Academy 

  • A daily healthy snack and vegetarian lunch

  • Trimester exhibitions of learning and portfolio

  • Community Parent Nights (1 per Trimester!)

  • Special events such as seasonal ceremonies, Vida Vendors markets, commUnity days, birthday circles, etc. 

  • Continued support from our mentors and administrative team

  • An Invitation to apply for our annual LPE Scholarship Fund

  • All taxes.

Weekly Schedule

Monday to Thursdays

Daily Peer Connection Time

4 Daily Teacher-Led Workshops (16 Sessions Weekly)

Democratic Learning Workshop

Community Council 

Friday Electives


Field Games and Sports


Art and Crafts

Vida Vendors

Community Connection (Parents Welcome!)

Trimester Bonus:

Jungle Wonderland Festivities!

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) for our Middle School offering, please email us directly at to confirm availability and rates.


Bahia Ballena Area, Costa Rica

(Exact location to be provided upon enrollment!)

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