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Greetings from our Founder Alys Robinson

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On behalf of the Life Project Education™ (LPE) team, we thank you for your interest and trust in holistic education! Thank you for believing in what we are doing. Thank you for honoring your child's unique and organic unfolding, life experience, adventure, and JOY! Thank you for your courage and commitment to sharing these precious gifts with your children. Thank you for trusting us to include them in our community.


As you begin your journey with holistic education, we are happy to serve as a resource to your entire family. We are committed to working closely with our families to support, empower, and cultivate a truly customized approach to mentoring your child.


Each family has unique needs, goals, curiosities, worries, and questions. We understand that enrolling your children in an alternative program is exciting, and maybe even scary! We wish to ensure that you feel full confidence and unwavering peace with your decision to make this leap!


Please do not hesitate to reach out should our program resonates with you! Feel free to fill out an application for enrollment and we will get back to you shortly. Please note, our intimate learning model allows limited enrollment, so we recommend submitting an application early. As soon as your enrollment needs are confirmed, we can begin a conversation with you about the possibilities ahead.

Tropical Island
Bienvenidos a Bahia Ballena!

The South Pacific region of Costa Rica is an absolutely ideal place to live or travel, connect, learn, and transform. The Pura Vida peace and simplicity, authenticity, holistic lifestyles, and abundance of life, create an optimal backdrop for reconnection, education, and adventure.

Offering a breathtaking fusion of jungle biodiversity and pristine beaches, tropical sunshine, and rain forest showers, along with family-friendly, adventure-filled communities. The area of Bahia Ballena is ideal for worldschooling families, teachers, and retreat guests.

A 3 hour 45 minutes drive from the San Jose airport, you will find the southern zone teeming with wildlife! Species spotted at school include titi monkeys, howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, toucan, scarlet macaw, paca, iguana, butterflies, geckos, owl, mot-mot, and even an occasional sloth!

ATV tours, kayaking, boat tours, horseback riding, are just some of the activities available in the area, but if you have enough time and an adventurous spirit tours to Isla del Caño and Corcovado are experiences you won’t want to miss.

As our community is committed to honoring all laws and ethics regarding wildlife, please remember to be mindful visitors, enjoy all animals from a distance.

Our Learning Space

Inspired by Reggio Emilia and Waldorf-Steiner's instructional environments, our campus nurtures peace, comfort, and exploration. We honor the incredible importance that sound, physical space, and geography have on our energy. Our space includes child-inspired centers that both activate curiosity and movement, as well as promote tranquility and connection. ​


Our recreation center is located on a 2-acre site in the area of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica. Our main building features 6 beautifully decorated and thoughtful homerooms, as well as a Spanish room, science room, music room, art workshop, community kitchen, and a large 'Shala' space for practicing mindfulness, movement, or yoga. Set in amongst the lush tropical grounds of the campus, is a swimming pool, woodwork shop, basketball/soccer pitch, farm, large greenhouse, outside fire circle, and jungle gym.


Every morning children and parents enjoy gratitude circles to set an intention for the day before children continue to embark on their holistic learning journeys which are customized to their needs through our democratic learning opportunities.  On a daily basis, children experience mindfulness workshops in our sacred Shala and enjoy healthy vegetarian lunches in the shade of our expansive rancho-style front terrace.

Our Team

Our mentors, educators, seasonal specialists, and team members are diverse with both local and international backgrounds and countries. They comprise full-time staff as well as volunteers. All have relevant qualifications and thorough experience in their area of expertise and most importantly have a love and passion for working with children.  


Spanish Educator

Andrea studied in San José, as a bilingual preschool teacher with an emphasis on speech therapy. She has completed degrees from the Universidad Hispanoamericana de Costa Rica. She has been working in education since 2009, teaching mostly kindergarten for primary schools. Read More...



Mathmatics Educator

Lianne has over ten years of teaching experience, specializing in math. Her qualifications include a BSc and BEd both majoring in mathematics from McGill University, Quebec. She believes in meeting the student where they’re at - academically, emotionally, and socially, all while nurturing their growth and love for learning. Read More...



Art Educator

Omar has a bachelor's degree (Licenciatura en Diseño) in Integral Design from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico. He also studied arts at the Faro de Oriente in Mexico City where he learned xylography, screen printing, cardboard papier-maché, ceramics, and music. To boot, he's a skilled carpenter, having grown up helping with his family's business! Read More...



Spanish Games Instructor

Karoline is a special education teacher focused on pedagogic projects in inclusive contexts. She studied at Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica (UNA) and has an associate's degree in Pedagogy with an emphasis on primary education. She has been a teacher since 2015 and very much enjoys sharing her love of life through play and fun. Read More...

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Bahia Ballena Area, Costa Rica

(Exact location to be provided upon enrollment!)

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