Worldschooling: Learning to Listen to Our Inner Compass

We are living in a time of great shift- culturally, politically, physically, spiritually, consciously.

Many beings are evolving and transcending current indoctrinating systems for how to be a human and how to live one’s life. It is energizing to witness so many families, educators, Eco-preneurers, health and wellness practitioners,  and young adults awakening with a need to feel sovereign, self-directed, and committed to (re)connecting with our core beings and sacred journeys. Our inner compasses of intuition are recalibrating us back to home, igniting a new spirit for adventure, joy, and purpose.

“Intuitively, many  feel a deep discord with the direction of education, and other social constructs...”

Much of this transformation is occurring because we are personally shedding and healing from years of toxic energy build up from our own childhoods, adolescence, and early adulthood, much of which accumulated in our homes and schools. This energy has sent many of our compasses spinning in indecisiveness, and others have remained awkwardly locked in directions that just feel misaligned with our truths. This  rise in collective-cleansing is allowing us to remember our true inner rhythms. And with this rememberance,  we can now recognize, with laser beam perception, the critical importance of protecting our new generation of children from enduring a similar process of delayed self-discovery.

How beautiful to journey authentically from the very beginning, honoring and BEing, healthy in body and mind, connected to heart and purpose, fully lit on life. A journey that allows us to simply honor that intuition, our compass, staying true to our paths to peace. From the beginning.

No healing necessary.

And while many of us are wholeheartedly aware and welcoming of a complete paradigm shift to happen TO US, and to our children, we often perceive ourselves to be powerless to CREATE IT.  Habituated fear and powerlessness  are the greatest threats to authentic wisdom about ourselves and our children.  Intuitively, many  feel a deep discord with the direction of education, and other social constructs like health care,  nutrition, and care for environment. Our own worldviews , commitments, and desires  are shifting, yet many status quo constructs are not leveling up.  So while we may feel clear with laser beam perception of our deep desires and  direction internally, the external world remains vastly disharmonious.

Transformation begins with awareness.

Awareness leads to either acceptance or resistance,

and only one of those will ever ignite change.

Sometimes flowing against the current or departing from the herd is nearly impossible to imagine, let alone commit to, even if the status quo is admittedly NOT what we want. Resistance and transformation takes so much courage and commitment to our wise voice, those whispers that so many others  are too distracted to tune into, remember,  let alone honor.  It is terrifying, and mysterious,  misunderstood, exhausting, and presumably lonely.

But that voice is you. Just start by listening.

What do you truly desire? Where do you want to be?

Your compass is speaking.

(And you’re not alone in deciding to honor it.)

Join the revolution.

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