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January 2021

at Life Project Campus!

Monthly Offering

Spanish Immersion Camp


8-weeks: September 1-25, October 5-30   

No classes:

Aug 31, September 28 to October 02 2020

An intimate learning journey is designed to build family connection, cultural literacy, 

awareness of self, respect for others, and cultivate reverence for

the sacred voices that came before us.


During this program children will explore:




Culture Studies

Physical & Human Geography

Indigenous & Cultural Arts

What's Included?


⟶ 8 weeks of classes & workshops for your child or children to enjoy!

⟶ runs Monday through Friday, from 8am to 2pm daily

⟶ vegetarian snack & lunch served every day

⟶ an abundance of exploration, play and creative fun in the jungle of Costa Rica!

Classes & Workshops


While students will continue with fundamental practice, they will additionally integrate themes of our PBL by exploring topics such as the Mayan calendar, geometry as it relates to indigenous art and architecture, and completing scale drawings of sacred ancient archaeological sites such as the Mayan pyramids.

English/ Humanities

 We will investigate our family ancestry, write interviews, uncover and write about sacred family stories & memoirs, and research our ancestral country’s geography and culture. Students will create multi-generational family trees, publish biographies of a grandparent or great-grandparent (or any other “grand”or “great”), and select a personal passion project to present about their family and/or culture.  All students will be required to orally present.


Students will develop more sophisticated reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the Spanish language. Working in small groups, students will research the indigenous roots of Latin America, with the deeper goal of developing a reverence for their host land and host culture. All students will be required to orally present and must have an independent reading book in Spanish each day.


ART: cultural art, indigienous art, narrative murals


Offered as democratic learning


EARLY Years Only: Students will understand narrative features (plot, setting, character, theme, etc), write literature responses, and create unique projects connected to their favorite cultural literature.

Learning Lab

Working at individualized work station, students will have the opportunity to create and evaluate progress on personal learning goals, maintain their own semester portfolios, and complete self-reflections. A class set of mobile Chrome books are available for accessing digital portfolios and publishing and students must have an independent reading book daily and must demonstrate independence, self-direction, and respect for other’s learning in order to participate.


Exploring our world’s physical landscape to understand our world as a place with diverse physical features and cultural geography.  Starting with maps to gain an understanding of spatial sense, younger children will progress to understand the world in spatial terms through continents and associated landmarks.  Older students will expand their knowledge from maps to the five themes of geography.

Daily & Weekly Schedule

Life Project Education is permitted by the Ministerio de Salud to have children on-site on the basis that we meet the health and safety requirements of a recreation/community center. Measures taken include but are not limited to:
✦ Our 1.5-acre campus means we have ample outdoor space that is routinely cleaned by a dedicated maintenance team
✦ The majority of seating and desks are located in covered outdoor spaces  
✦ Indoor areas house no more than 5 children at any time with upgraded ventilation systems in all indoor instructional spaces
✦ Children have masks with them at all times


Casa de Papagayo

Ojochal, Costa Rica

Contact Us

Tel: +506 8516-3313


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