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Life Project Education is a grassroots holistic education center nestled in an intimate nature-rich community in Ojochal, Costa Rica.

Our unique programs offer opportunities for children, families, and teachers to explore the interconnected layers of their humanity that are traditionally undermined in modern systems. In addition to nurturing critical intellect, Life Project visitors are equally exposed to experiences that ignite emotional, social, artistic, moral, psychological, physical, aesthetic, creative, and intuitive layers of development.

And we do most of it outdoors, surrounded by the pristine energy of the rain forest, in the “happiest country on the planet.” (happyplanetindex) Pura Vida!

Supported by the most cutting-edge research in the realms of quantum physics and Holistic Learning Theory, we educate through an energetic lens, treating our students as sovereign, non-standard beings. The mechanical worldview that predominates current constructs of learning, teaching, healing, and living is not only incomplete, it is intuitively-obsolete.


We offer a different approach.


To empower families, educators and children to connect with our deeper humanity

through holistic, transformational education programs that resonate with both intellect and the intuitive spirit.

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For more detailed information on who we are and how we are revolutionising the world of learning, please see our Family Handbook.


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I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the incredible experience of Life Project.  Isla has loved her time there.  I can tell that it's really made a deep and positive impression on her!  As my husband said last night over dinner "The school as exceeded our expectations."

Tara Manley, New York

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Casa del Papagayo

Ojochal, Costa Rica

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